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In jiangsu changzhou cooperation between China and Russia will be lithium batteries diaphragm

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News Item 2 A JV to be established in Chanzhou ,Jiangsu on production Lithum battery film between China & Russia.
On May 19,2011,Sina Russia New Material international cooperation pilot base was founded in Changzhou, Jiangsu , According to the Planning ,a Lithium batterial film production line is going to be erected within 3-5 years with annual capacity 100mil.sqm.and proprietary IP will be formed.
The company, Jiangsu Liding Dongli Lithium battery separate film mateiral Co.,Ltd , is located in Wujin Economic Development Zone, as a leading technology achievement o f Changzhou in 2011, this project is co-introduced by state level Sino Russia tech cooperation and industrializaiton center of Hei Longjiang,Qiaoyu Group of Changzhou, and Changzhou University.
With a total investment amounted to 1 Billion RMB,The 1st investment of the project mainly goes to introduction of technology from Russia for the lithium battery separate film production line with annual capacity of 10mil.sqm. the later investments are mainly for addition of a 60 mil.production line making the final production scale up to 100mil.sqm.meanwhile . many renowned experts will be involved in the project and state level high property lithium battery separate film ,R&D platform is to be setup so as to produce products of mid class of high technology.

Павлович Бана Лин Е. Фу Gainifeide,Academician of Russina Science Academy and director of Macromolecule Research Institute, said saparate film is an important internal element of the Lithium battery, also is a mateiral with the high added value and high tech.barrier. the good property separate film plays a critical role in improving the general performance of the battery.Mr.золото ,the consul of Russia in Shanghai, said he's happy to see a giant step was made in corporation in new material field,he hopes there would be more technological program rooted in China in future.

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